Welcome to Harmonious Space. Here you will find a range of techniques to help you experience more joy, balance and wholeness in your life through personal healing, astrology and Feng Shui. 

I can help you reconnect to your inner creativity, rebalance your energy and move forwards in 2021 with passion and purpose.  

Whether you are at a crossroads in your life, feel lonely or disconnected or need to let go of blocks that are standing in your way, I offer a range of techniques that can help.


Astrology Readings

I provide face to face and Skype astrology readings using 3 different astrology systems. With over 20 years’ experience in Western astrology I am also fully trained in 9-star Ki and Chinese four pillars readings. I can help you understand where you are in your life, the current and upcoming energetic influences that are affecting you and how to balance these with simple easy lifestyle changes and cures.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui readings can be provided remotely via Skype or at your home or business premises, within a 100-mile radius of Ipswich, Suffolk. Feng Shui consultations can help you align the energies of your home to assist you in creating more love, abundance, success and peace and getting into the flow of life again.


Is a long-standing problem holding you back?

Are your habits, thoughts or behaviours getting in the way of what you are trying to achieve?

Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma or addiction?

Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective technique for alleviating a wide range of mental, emotional and even physical problems. Results are seen from the first session and in many cases only a few sessions are required to permanently resolve long standing issues. Click on the ‘Help with’ links above for more details on some of the popular conditions I can help with.

Reiki and Reiki Drumming

Do you want to gently release blocks and reconnect to your creativity?

Do you want to find your own answers to find more fulfilment in life?

Are you ready to embrace the healing power of reiki combined with therapeutic art time?

Reiki and Reiki drumming are powerful techniques to help rebalance your energy and reconnect you to your creativity. Used in combination with therapeutic art time, Reiki drumming can help to dislodge long-term issues quickly and effectively remove blocks in your life. My sessions can help induce deep relaxation, reduce levels of stress and anxiety, increase energy levels and feelings of inner calm and contentment.



Feng Shui Consultant in Ipswich

A feng shui consultation works to change your life by changing your environment. What we see outside mirrors what's inside – so if we surround ourselves with a positive template of who or what we want to become, the results will follow.


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that works to reprogram the subconscious mind. It is a fast, effective therapy for treating a wide range of physical, emotional and mental problems, including the following: depression, anxiety and low confidence.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a meridian-based therapy that involves tapping on meridian points on the face and hands. Similar to acupuncture without needles, the treatment is safe, gentle and highly effective at clearing a wide range of emotional and physical problems.

Holistic Stress Management

Stress management can help you rebalance your life so you feel relaxed, challenged and motivated. By viewing your life as a whole, we can identify the problem areas and correct them. When a change is made to one area of your life, this will have a positive effect on all other areas.


Reiki is a non-intrusive energy healing treatment and carried out fully clothed. It involves the laying of hands to help rebalance the body’s energy fields, assisting the natural healing process. Reiki is beneficial for a wide range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems.