We are all under a lot of pressure in today's society, and more and more people are finding it beneficial to learn skills to manage their emotions and make swifter progress. There is always so much to do, so much clutter from spam, advertising and the media. We are under more stress than ever before with people working longer hours, women balancing careers and motherhood, and pressure to have and be more increasing every day. But it doesn't have to be like this.

Rachel, an experienced hypnotherapist and feng shui consultant in Suffolk, set up Harmonious Space in order to help people overcome emotional blocks and create healthy, fulfilling lives.

Rachel was drawn to studying astrology and healing in her late teens after suffering with depression. This later developed into a strong desire to help others cope with similar challenges.

Studying counselling initially, Rachel realised she wanted to work with clients in a more solution-focused way so she chose to specialise in hypnotherapy and feng shui - as these enable clients to move through their problems and take action towards their goals.

Rachel has trained in many disciplines including: Holistic Stress Management / Hypnotherapy / NLP (Stressmanagers.co.uk, and ALC Stress Management - accredited by the University of East Anglia), Feng Shui (The Feng Shui Academy in Buxton), Breathwork / Rebirthing (Sundoor - Peggy Dylan), the Emotional Freedom Technique, Attractor Field Technique and Acupuncture for the Mind. Rachel is a Reiki Master and has spent time in Peru studying the ancient healing techniques of the Peruvian Shamans in the Andes and the Amazon jungle.

Contact me now without obligation to discuss your personal requirements for feng shui consultation and reiki healing in Ipswich.