Harmonious Space was set up by trained hypnotherapist and Feng Shui consultant, Rachel Manning DipHSM, DipPDMSM, to help people create more joy, happiness and personal freedom in their lives – and create more wellbeing and ease. 

My journey began having experienced depression in my teens. This led me to explore astrology, art therapy, meditation and other forms of alternative healing, which helped me to find a new direction and sense of purpose. I went on to train as a hypnotherapist and Feng Shui consultant to assist others in creating happy, joy-filled lives and freedom from long standing emotional issues.

I also trained in a range of other Meridian based therapies – The Emotional Freedom Technique, Acupuncture for the Mind and Attractor Field Technique. These were combined into the sessions I gave clients and often worked at a much deeper level than the initial tools I had started with. During this time, I qualified as a Reiki Master, Reiki drumming practitioner, Breathwork and Rebirthing practitioner and spent time in Peru, studying the ancient healing techniques of the Shamans in the Andes and the Amazon jungle.

For eight years, I ran a private practice at home and from complementary health centres in Ipswich and Felixstowe, helping people to clear long standing issues and create more fulfilling lives. I also worked with corporate clients to provide one to one stress management sessions and conducted Feng Shui consultations to assist in creating healthy, balanced and supportive homes. 

Then after a break to develop other interests, in 2018, I spent a year studying shamanic art and attended a Wild Hunt Retreat in Pennsylvania. This drew me back to my interest in the healing arts, and I have opened my practice again with a new focus – combining Feng Shui, astrology, Reiki and energetic techniques.

I currently offer Feng Shui and astrology readings, Reiki drumming journeys and energetic healing to clients via Zoom / Skype and from my studio retreat, near Ipswich in Suffolk . Sessions are designed to provide clarity on where you are in life, and help you move easily towards your goals. Sessions are designed to empower you to understand your energy better, find your own answers and balance any energetic disturbances. 

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