As previously mentioned on the feng shui consultations page, a large part of creating a harmonious living environment is about removing harmful influences. Of these, removing inappropriate symbolism and artwork is very important – as the images we see day in day out, drip-feed our subconscious mind with symbols of who we are and what our lives are like. Symbolically, the home and its contents mirror our lives. So if there are pictures of battle scenes, unhappy people or storms or bleakness – this is what we will experience. By removing unhelpful symbolism and adding positive new pictures of exactly what we want, we will surely get it.

In a recent feng shui consultation in Suffolk I conducted for a couple, the lady was often 'doubled over' with back pain. In the picture opposite their bed (this is the most significant picture position in the whole house) the picture was of a lady bending over to pick up cockles. In this famous painting, the lady looks doubled over.

Although this picture is valuable in material terms, the effect on this lady's health is questionable. Certainly the first thing you see in the morning and the last at night, strongly imprint on your subconscious mind. If the lady had had no back problems, this painting would not be an issue, but she did.

People often say, 'But I love that painting' or 'it’s an heirloom' or 'it’s worth a fortune.' This is fine, but how important is your health, your relationship, or improving your financial situation?

Sometimes it is possible to relocate inappropriate images to other areas of the house where they will have a beneficial or neutral effect. Sometimes it isn't. The question to ask yourself is 'which area of my life would I like to feel doubled over / bleak / stormy / have a battle?’ If the answer is none, maybe it is time to let go of the picture and let something more positive come into your life.

Other inappropriate symbolism includes anything that doesn't align itself with your major goals. This could be ornaments, the way furniture is positioned, themes around the house – such as just ONE of everything in a home where the person is wanting a relationship and the general state of your home. Art therapy is a key component of my feng shui consultations in Suffolk.

You could try analysing your space symbolically and thinking about what it says about you. What stories do the pictures in your home tell? Do these relate to your life?

Is your home tidy and organised? Or are there many unfinished jobs... things to sort ... mountains of mess? How does the organisation of your home compare to the organisation of your life?

Is your environment warm and nurturing? Do you / other people feel comfortable in your space? Do you / other people want to spend time there? Or is it a showpiece, where everything has to be immaculate? How does the level of comfort in your home relate to the level of comfort in your life?

What do the lighting, colours, fragrances, fabrics and sounds say about you?
We get so used to what's around us, that we begin to not notice things anymore. One time, I was staying in a B&B for a week and didn't use my car whilst I was there. When I returned to my car, with fresh eyes, I noticed how disgustingly dirty it was! However in the weeks before that, I had been so busy thinking about other things that it hadn't seemed so bad.

Having a feng shui consultation gives you an objective outside view which is invaluable to taking stock of what you home is saying about you, and then prioritise the steps to change it. If you are interested in a consultation or art therapy in Ipswich, call now to change your life.