What is clutter?

Clutter is anything in your life which either you don't love OR don't use, and also anything that is unorganised. It is the stuff which, over a period of time, hasn't been resolved in your life - be it physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

When I talk about clutter, I mean anything on these four levels which is draining your energy. During the consultations we may deal with issues on any of these levels.

Interestingly, usually blockages on the emotional, mental or spiritual level will also be seen symbolically as physical clutter in the home. And just by clearing the clutter in that area, the issues on other levels will start to resolve.

Everything around you mirrors your inner self. So by changing your home you also change the template of your life.

When we remove the blocks to the harmonious flow of energy in our living environment, we create the space for magical new opportunities to come to us.

Why is clearing your clutter with feng shui important?

Life is constantly changing. New things come into our lives and other things leave. There are only 24 hours in the day and we have to make choices about what is important to us, and how we want to spend our time. In the same way, we only have so much room in our home, and we have to make choices about which items we will keep and which we will move on to somebody else.

As we grow and change, so do our needs. Whilst a beautiful red dress may have suited you a few years ago, you may now be in a softer mood, and prefer to wear pinks or greens. By letting go of the old, we are affirming to ourselves that we will always have what we need and our needs will always be met.

When we don't release what no longer supports our progress, we begin to stagnate. When we have to search through twice as many clothes as we actually wear, it takes twice as long. If we keep in touch with a person just because we are afraid of ending the relationship, spending time with that person creates feelings of resentment which de-energises us.

By letting go of the past we make space for the present and the future. By releasing friends gently, we make space for new ones to come in. By letting go of what we don't need physically we create the space for new ideas, new relationships, and a whole new way of life.

When a person is surrounded by clutter, and unfinished business, this creates a drain on their energy. They may not be conscious of this, but the symptoms include less energy, lethargy, low motivation, obstacles in their path, lack of inspiration, lack of clarity and a general bogged down feeling.

What are the benefits of clutter clearing and home organisation in Ipswich?

Clutter clearing means organising your belongings, attending to unfinished business and resolving anything that drains your energy. The benefits of doing this are high energy, renewed enthusiasm for life, clearer priorities and clarity on what's important.

How is clutter clearing related to Feng Shui?

A feng shui consultation involves analysing the energy of a client's home and making changes to the home template, so it supports the client's goals. When the home is full of clutter, this creates a home with dull, disorganised, stagnant energy, which isn't conducive to achieving anything positive.
During a feng shui consultation the impact of clutter in your home will be assessed and guidelines on how to clear it will be given. The location will also be considered to assess which area of your life the clutter is affecting. I also provide clutter clearing assistance as a separate service where required.

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