Although not relevant in classical feng shui times, Electromagnetic Field surveys are now an important part of modern feng shui  consultations. As a feng shui consultant, I perform Electromagnetic Field surveys in Suffolk, London and all over East Anglia.

What is an Electro Magnetic Field Survey?

An Electromagnetic Field Survey is a part of the Feng Shui consultation where the electrical and magnetic fields a client is sleeping and working in are measured. Anywhere the client spends a considerable amount of time will be checked to see if the readings fall within the safe levels of five V/M for the electrical reading, and 0.05nT for the magnetic reading.

If the readings are above these recommended guidelines, advice will be provided to reduce the fields.

Why are they important?

Our bodies are not designed to contend with high electrical or magnetic fields. We have evolved from the stone age – and our bodies have not advanced as fast as technology has in the last 50 years! Our bodies still function in a very primitive way. There are many examples of how the body has not caught up with modern man. For example, when threatened, we still responding with the fight or flight response – even though this is usually inappropriate in the modern setting. When in a restaurant, the most comfortable place to sit is with your back to the wall – we still feel vulnerable with our back exposed – even though the chances of being attacked are tiny.

It takes nature much longer than it's had to come up with solutions to a changing world. And as a result, being in high electrical or magnetic fields has a negative impact on the body. Many households would benefit from an Electromagnetic field survey in Suffolk.

The effects of high electro magnetic fields on the body

Overexposure to EMFs affects the body's immune system, hormone and enzyme production, cell respiration, brain wave rhythms and DNA – leading to foetal abnormalities. People are more at risk of cancer, clinical depression, suicide and cot death when exposed to high EMFs.

What can you do?

An EMF survey can be taken with or without a full feng shui consultation. This will then show you any sources of high EMFs in your home, and the most straightforward solutions to reducing your exposure to the harmful frequencies.

EMFs come from both appliances inside the home and external sources, such as power transmission cables and mobile phone masts. Therefore, different solutions are required depending on the source of the frequencies. If you are about to rewire your house, advice can be provided so that it is undertaken in the most beneficial way for your household. I provide Electromagnetic Field Protection in London and all over East Anglia.

Ten suggestions to reduce your exposure to EMF's*

  1. Minimise the time spent talking on a mobile phone. Use a landline where possible.
  2. Don't cook using microwave ovens.
  3. Ensure there are no extension leads running under the bed.
  4. Ensure all lamps, clock radios etc are positioned at least one metre from your bed.
  5. Reduce the amount of time spent wearing underwired bras.
  6. Turn off the TV at the mains when not in use. Putting it on standby is no different in the field to when it' on.
  7. Unplug electric blankets at the wall before getting into bed.
  8. Position beds at least one metre away from storage heaters.
  9. Minimise the amount of electrical equipment in the bedroom.
  10. Ensure your bed is positioned well away from the fuse box.

Please note these steps will reduce the exposure to EMF's but you may still be sleeping in high fields - coming from the walls and other external sources. Even if you follow all of the above, it is still important to have a professional survey.

Contact me now for more information and to arrange an electro magnetic field survey or a full feng shui consultation.