Feng Shui Consultations offer a great opportunity to improve your quality of life. Whether you are living in a problem property, have had bad luck since moving house or have persistent long-term problems with abundance, career or relationships, a professional consultation can help.

As a feng shui consultant in Essex, my consultations can work on the following:

  • Resolving bad luck, or a feeling of being blocked or unsupported by life

  • Creating abundance in all areas of your life
  • Finding or improving a relationship
  • Increasing progress and recognition in your career
  • Finding your life path
  • Supporting your health and removing harmful influences, such as Geopathic stress and Electromagnetic Fields


A residential feng shui consultation will include some or all of the following:
A discussion of your life at present and what you want to achieve from the consultation

This usually lasts around an hour, and we will do some exploration to find out what it is you really want to achieve.
For example, if you have selected relationships to work on, we will discuss what aspects of relationships you want to change – be it attracting a new partner, improving an existing partnership, ending a relationship harmoniously.
We will explore the kind of qualities you want in a partnership – whether it is a serious committed relationship you would like or some light-hearted fun. This part is very important for ensuring we create the precise results you want.
We will also look at what practical steps you will need to take following the consultation to move you towards your goal.


Analysis of Nine Star Ki or 'Heaven Energy'

Feng shui is based on the premise that there are three types of energy affecting us at any one time. These are 'heaven chi': the energy of the planets, 'earth chi': the energy of the earth beneath our home and 'human chi': the energy within the home.

It is important to consider all of these when analysing your current situation.

By considering the phase you are in astrologically and the phases you have been in over the last few years, we can see whether 'heaven chi' is contributing to your current situation and what opportunities and challenges you currently face as a result of these energies.

Analysis of the nine star ki can also be consulted to assess the most auspicious times and directions for moves and your best sleeping and working directions.


Geopathic Stress Surveys in Ipswich – dowsing your property for GS and treating any lines that are found

In a home where there is Geopathic stress, there will inevitably be health problems, bad luck, or problems with finances or relationships. Therefore, dowsing and removing Geopathic stress is a significant part of feng shui. This part of the consultation works to balance the 'earth chi' of your property to restore balance and harmony. More about Geopathic stress can be read about here.


Analysis of how your home relates to the surrounding environment (this is known as form school Feng Shui) and the energy flow through your home

How your home sits within the surrounding landscape will affect your life whilst you are living there. We will look at whether your property is supported by the surrounding landscape and if there are any negative influences that are contributing to your current problems.
Form school is also analysed within the home to ensure furniture is positioned in the best way to give you command of the space and ensure a positive energy flow.


Analysis of the Bagua on your home

This will allow us to look closely at your priority life areas and ensure that the colours, furniture, ornaments and symbolism in these areas reflect what you want to achieve. Problem items, such as inappropriate artwork will be discussed and suggestions will be made to align furniture, pictures, colours and ornaments to maximise energy flow and take you towards your goals.
Cures will be designed to suit your budget, preferences and taste. Floorplans drawn to scale will be required for this part of the consultation.


Space Clearing and setting powerful intentions with magical incense

As a feng shui consultant in Essex, during the consultation, I will provide everything you need to create magical incense. This will help clear away any stuck energy as well as layers of the energy of the people who lived there before. This is not a full space clearing ceremony but a highly effective technique for clearing blocks and in their place, manifesting your desires.
As you create the incense, you will infuse it with your vision of the future, which is released to the universe over time as you burn it.


Electro-magnetic field survey – measuring the fields around key items of furniture and providing advice on how to rectify any problems found

This is an optional part of a consultation but highly recommended. It can also be provided on its own or as part of a healthy home consultation. Read more about Electromagnetic Field Surveys here.


Feedback discussion on the results of the day, and time for answering your questions

Feedback will be presented verbally at the end of the consultation.

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