If you are interested in Feng Shui in London and want to find out about a bit more about it welcome. This page contains some background information, some information on my feng shui consultations, and links to popular feng shui information such as how to clear clutter, Geopathic stress and EMFs (electrmagnetic fields.).

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is the art of placement, developed in ancient China. Translated literally it means wind water and this can be explained as follows.

The most ideal place to live is in the middle of the mountain - not at the top where it is very windy and exposed - and not at the bottom where it is damp and you could get flooded (water). So the middle is the balance between wind and water.

And feng shui is all about balance - creating a harmonious living environment that supports the people living there and creating lives which are meaningful, happy and flowing.

A good modern day definition for feng shui is "to help people and buildings interact harmoniously with the environment in order to enhance quality of life"

As a practitioner of Feng Shui in London, a definition I like is: Having good feng shui = proceeding harmoniously through life, living in a state of well-being and being in the right place at the right time.
Feng shui is effective because whatever we see outside ourselves mirrors that which is within. Therefore, if we surround ourselves with the template of who or what we want to become this replaces the current template. Subconsciously this then helps us move in a new direction by making new choices.

As an example, we can look at relationships. If you are surrounded by pictures of single men / women - possibly looking unhappy - this is sending a strong message to your subconscious mind that this is what you are. If, instead, you are surrounded by pictures of happy couples, and twos - this starts feeding that image into your mind and creates a new inspiring vision that pulls you forwards.

It is amazing what you will find in your home if you look symbolically at the objects there. People obtain their belongings from many sources – some they buy – and these can uncannily reflect what was going on in their life at the time. Other come as presents; for example, I have seen clients with pictures of single women given to them as wedding presents.

Could this reflect the intention of the giver at a subconscious level? Or a moody ‘atmospheric’ picture of a winter landscape - what might this be symbolising?

Or there may be pictures of still backwaters painted by a loved parent who was entering retirement – and these are cherished as family heirlooms. But the effect of these pictures in the younger person’s house can lead to stagnation and slowing down of their career or development.

Other times, a client will be looking for a new relationship and they still have many of the belongings from the previous partner in their home. By holding on to these items, the past relationship and all the hurt that may have been experienced in the ending have not been cleared – and there is symbolically no room for a new relationship to come in. More about symbolism and artwork can be read about here.

Practicing feng shui in London, there are two different schools of feng shui I use to analyse a home - and work out which sectors correspond to the different life areas. These are Compass and Three Door Gate.

Compass uses the patterns of the planets to determine the energies in different areas of the home and is worked out by marking out the eight life sectors according to a compass reading taken from the front door.

Three Door Gate relates to the way energy moves through the house, according to human movements, and is worked out in a fixed way, with the career sector always in the middle of wall where the front door lies. The system most advantageous for you will be determined on the day of the consultation by dowsing. The most beneficial system may change over time, but the system chosen will last for at least a year.

In addition to this, the form school of a property – the way the property relates to the surrounding environment is also taken into account, and recommendations may be made in this area if this is affecting the lives of the occupants.

Where appropriate, the astrology of a client is also taken into account if this seems to relate to the current issues. For example, if a client feels their whole life is too quiet and nothing is really taking off for them at this time and their astrology shows they are in their nine star ki one phase (winter) - this is likely to be a part of why they are feeling as they do.

By understanding the cycle they are in, they can learn how to work with the energies available to them until new more spring like energies take place. For example, during the one phase, it is a good time to contemplate, chill out and allow new ideas for seeds to develop from the nothingness. It is also a good time to rest - and recharge by taking time out.

Then when spring comes, the seeds can begin to grow into new plants – a new direction which can then be taken through the seasons until it can be harvested. Looking at the time like this is much more positive than simply feeling everything is dead in your life.

Modern day Feng Shui also takes into account health hazards such as electro magnetic fields and Geopathic Stress. These were not around in ancient China where Feng Shui originated, but in the 21st Century, now pose more of a problem to humans than simply positioning a few ornaments in the wrong place. More about Geopathic Stress and electro magnetic fields (EMF's) can be read about here.

The majority of Feng Shui I practise is removing harmful influences - Geopathic Stress, EMF's, inappropriate artwork or symbolism and clutter. With these gone, the client's life will be greatly improved. With the remaining time in the consultation, simple, inexpensive cures are recommended to create the new template for what the client wants to achieve. Cures are always recommended in line with the client's values, culture and budget.

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