Picture yourself: living in a beautiful environment, doing work which you love, feeling valued and valuable, surrounded by loving friends, family and relationships. Having enough money and more to meet your needs and fulfill all of your dreams. Feeling you can do anything and you will be supported by a loving nurturing universe. This is what it feels like to have true abundance.

And then ask yourself: where do you want 'more' in your life today? This is an area you are limiting abundance.

The feelings that we can't have what we want or there is never enough come from limiting beliefs, created by our first experiences in life. And if we don't examine and change these beliefs, then this is what we will go on creating throughout adulthood.

Feng Shui works to reprogramme your beliefs by changing the template of the home. We choose where we live both consciously and unconsciously - and there is always a direct mirror of our lives in the place we inhabit. By changing the mirror so that it reflects what we want to achieve, our lives will change.

Take a moment to think about what your home says about you. Do you live in a comfortable, beautiful space - surrounded by images of love and plenty? Does your home feel rich and luxurious in ways that are meaningful? Do you surround yourself with things you love, glorious colours, fragrances and fabrics? Do you keep a well-stocked fridge full of foods that nourish and sustain?

Or are you surrounded by 'not enough'? Tatty furnishings, curtains that have not been turned up in case you move again; cupboards that run bare before you replenish them; grey or drab decoration?

How could you make your home feel more abundant?

A Feng Shui consultation will look at the overall impression of the home as a starting point to see what the overall life template might be. It then looks at the areas of the bagua relating to money and prosperity and the overall chi flow through the home to provide specific recommendations for improvement.

The obvious area of the bagua relating to prosperity is good fortune (4). However helpful people (6) is also important as if we want to receive we must first give. This is one of the keys to unlocking are own abundance; if we focus on getting we push money away but if we focus on what we can give, money comes to us effortlessly.

We will also address how you can increase your income during the consultation. This may include working on the journey area (1) so you get a better-paid job, and the recognition area (9) so you get promoted.

Geopathic stress is often present in consultations where money is an issue. More about geopathic stress can be read about here.

Tips for creating abundance

1. Clarify what you want - and be specific. If you could have anything you wanted and money wasn't a problem how would your life be? Where would you live, what would you do, how much money would you need to live the life of your choice? Until we are clear about what we want from life, we have a hard time creating it. Spend some time writing down your goals and write a plan for how you could achieve
them. Then take action!

2. Feel gratitude for everything positive in your life and it will increase. Gratitude is like a magnet - the more we focus on what's good, the more abundance will come in. Start every day saying 'I am so grateful for my life, for the lovely home I live in, for my fantastic partner, for xyz.THANKYOU!'

3. Let go of things you no longer need. Recycle clothes, books, toys etc that you no longer use and make space for the new to come in.

4. Give your time, love and resources with an open heart, expecting nothing in return.

5. Explore your beliefs about money and change those that no longer serve you. For example, what did your parents tell you about money? What do you tell yourself when you want something? How do you feel about wealthy people? Any negative beliefs you find can be changed using affirmations. These are positive present tense statements such as 'I can have what I want' or 'I now receive all the love, joy and abundance my heart desires' - simply switch the original negative belief into a positive and repeat it 30 times out loud, morning and night until the pattern changes.

In the spirit of abundance, all consultations come with a choice of quality gifts to help you create more prosperity in your life.

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