Feng Shui is a powerful tool for improving or finding a relationship. If you long to attract a life partner or wish to create more love, respect or communication in an existing relationship, changing your environment can help.

Feng Shui is based on the principle that everything is connected. We choose where we live for conscious and unconscious reasons; and then where we live affects our mood, thoughts and behaviour. On a symbolic level, the images and metaphors contained within our homes reflect the situations present in our lives. For example, if we are surrounded by single items - one lamp, one chair, paintings of single people - even a single bed - this is reinforcing our belief that there is just us.

A Feng Shui consultation works to create a home that reflects the life you wish to live. The aim is to create a harmonious space, where the energy (chi) can move freely throughout, bringing in what we desire and taking out what's no longer needed. With this achieved you will find your inner reality shifting to make way for more love, joy, communication and romance in your life.

Types of situations Feng Shui can help with:

  • Help you attract a life partner, companion or lover
  • Improve communication within an existing relationship
  • Create a sense of equality between partners
  • Deepen the love connection between partners
  • Make the relationship top priority in your lives
  • Aid in releasing a relationship
  • Reduce arguements
  • Improve your sex life

What will be covered in a consultation

Initial discussion

This helps to clarify what you want. Everybody is different and so is what he or she wants from a relationship. If you are looking for a new partner we will explore whether you are ready for meeting someone new, whether there is the space in your life, what is stopping you from finding someone suitable, and the type of relationship and qualities in a partner you are looking for.

If you are in an existing relationship we will discuss how things are and how you would like them to be. This helps to pinpoint the exact cure required to create what you want. For example, a couple wanting to create more passion will require different enhancements than two people wishing for better communication.

Analysis of the home

  • The home will be analysed symbolically to determine which areas need attention. I will look at how the energy enters the house, and moves around before exiting, to check if there are any problems with the flow.
  • The home will be assessed in relation to the surrounding environment (known as form school feng shui) to ensure any harmful energy directed at the house is addressed, and any overshadowing from neighbouring buildings is remedied.
  • 2 baguas will be laid on the house – compass and three-door gate. Analysis will be provided for the relationship sector and other supporting areas using both systems.
  • The bedroom is an important area relating to relationships, and you will be given plenty of ideas for creating a balanced, romantic bedroom environment in line with your tastes and preferences.
  • Artwork and symbolic references around the whole house will be reviewed and suggestions made where appropriate.
  • If time I will look at the relationship area of the garden to ensure there is no harmful energy here which might undermine progress.

Relationship compatibility using nine star ki astrology

By understanding your core energy and that of your partner it is easier to accept differences and find workarounds. This part of the consultation is often very enlightening - "so that's why he likes spending so much time alone!" or "now I understand what she needs - I can give that"

If there are challenging dynamics in your relationship caused by incompatible astrology, specific cures can be employed to harmonise the energy between you. One couple I worked with felt an imbalance of power between the woman (earth) and the man (tree). Tree energy controls earth energy, and the woman felt powerless in the relationship. To remedy this, we added some fire cures to the bedroom, which moderated some of his tree energy (fire burns wood) and strengthened her earth energy (fire burns to create ash (earth). Soon after these cures has been employed the balance shifted and the woman reported feeling energised and more equal in the relationship.

Detection and Treatment of Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress is often present in consultations where there are relationship problems. Click here for more information on GS and it’s effects on your health, relationships and good fortune.

For more information and to book a relationship consultation please contact me.

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