As a Feng Shui consultant in Essex, detecting and treating Geopathic Stress is a significant part of a Feng Shui consultation.

Geopathic Stress is harmful Earth radiation which is caused by a disruption to the Earth's natural energy field. When this emanates up from the Earth under a person's home, it causes significant problems for them. In its milder form, it causes bad fortunes, arguments and alowered immune system – leading to frequent colds, flu,bad sleeping and nightmares.

Stronger GS causes cancer, addictions, suicides, and many other serious diseases.

It is important to note that the above diseases are only experienced if the client is sleeping or spending significant time on the GS line. However, if GS is present in a home, some negative effects will be noticed in the area of the bagua where the line crosses – for example, bad fortunes and arguments - or breakdown of relationships if the GS crosses the relationship area.

As a feng shui consultant in Essex, I always know when I am sleeping on GS as I get nasty, vivid dreams, and almost instantly bad things start to happen in my life. As soon as the GS is healed, a sense of harmony returns.

It is interesting to note that although good fortunes return once the GS has been cleared, some things do not revert to how they were. For example, one time a line appeared in my home, going vertically through my body where I slept. In the day or so – before I realised it was there – I had an argument with a friend. Even after the GS was cleared, although we amicably agreed to end our friendship, the relationship was no more.

My explanation of this is that the issues for the argument were bubbling away under the surface and I attracted the GS to bring things to a head. The relationship was no longer supporting me, or him, but I would have found it hard to end it without help. If I hadn't cleared the GS, I can imagine the relationship would have not ended in a such an amicable way.

In a similar way, people often subconsciously choose houses with GS splitting the bed, when they want to end a relationship. The line of GS splitting the bed, symbolically splits the relationship, freeing both partners to go off and do something else.

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Are You Geopathically Stressed?

  • Do you have long-term health problems that you cannot get rid of?
  • Did your illness start soon after moving into a new home or change of workplace?
  • Has your sleep deteriorated? Has there been a significant deterioration in your sleep since you moved house? Do you suffer from regular nightmares and vivid dreams?
  • Did the previous occupants have any long-term or serious health problems?
  • Does your home have a bad vibe?
  • Do you feel better and sleep better when you are away from your home?
  • Do you yo-yo up and then back down after a heath treatment - e.g. after acupuncture?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions you may be suffering from Geopathic Stress. If you think this may be the case, it would be highly beneficial to you to have a consultation or learn to dowse yourself.

Detecting Geopathic Stress During a Consultation

There are a number of ways to detect a GS line. The official piece of equipment which can detect the change in frequency the line generates is called a Protonameter. However, the human body is just as effective in noticing the stress effects, and by dowsing or kinesiology it can also be detected.

As a feng shui consultant in Essex, I use dowsing to detect lines of GS in a feng shui consultation. These are marked onto the plans of your home and the lines are then treated. If you are interested in learning to dowse, to feel for yourself where the line is, I will show you during the consultation.

It is very beneficial for you to be able to see that the line has been cleared for yourself. If you can dowse for yourself, you can also check periodically that no new lines have appeared in your home. This will all be covered during the consultation.

Treating Geopathic Stress

Once any lines have been detected, they are then cleared using a combination of Earth Acupuncture or Crystal Healing. These are the most natural, effective and inexpensive way of clearing Geopathic Stress.

Please note, although it is possible for most people to safely dowse for GS, it is NOT safe to treat any lines you find. It is very important a qualified practitioner is brought in to safely clear the line.

However, if you can dowse, you may decide to periodically check your home stays GS-free. If a new line appears, you can take steps to minimise the damage on your family by ensuring any beds that the line passes through are moved until the line can be healed. Also, any key items of furniture where you spend much time, Eg. desks or favourite armchairs should be moved temporarily if possible.

Case Study

Miss S moved into a house, which unbeknownst to her had two mild GS lines crossing her bedroom, one of which crossed diagonally through her bed. Since moving into the house, she had not felt happy, or slept well, and had had three major arguments with long-term friends. This was not in her nature, as she was normally a quiet, gentle person. After the GS had been cleared, she reported sleeping better, and feeling more positive about her situation. And the friendships got back on track - like they were before.

For more information on Geopathic Stress and to book a consultation please contact me.