Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique for creating fast and long-lasting change. It is a safe, effective treatment for permanently resolving a wide range of emotional problems and letting go of fears, phobias, addictive or liming behaviours easily and effortlessly.

Whether you have long standing problems with anxiety or depression, need help boosting self-esteem or confidence, or want to let go of a fear or phobia, contact me today! I provide a free 30-minute consultation to all new clients to help you decide if this treatment is right for you.

If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Ipswich please give me a call to arrange your free consultation. Sessions are conducted at my home in Woolverstone and last approximately 90 minutes. Free parking is available. I am fully qualified and insured and have over 15 years’ experience working with both private and corporate clients.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique which works to re-programme the subconscious mind. Once a light trance has been induced, a number of things can be done:


  • Negative or limiting beliefs can be cleared and replaced with positive new beliefs such as "I am confident" or "Who I am is enough"
  • Deep analysis can be carried out to find the root cause of a problem, and then guided visualisation can be used to create a solution.

For example, if in a client's childhood, something bad has happened, they may have forgotten about it on a conscious level. However, the subconscious mind still remembers it as if it has just happened. Once it has been identified, it can lose some of its power when it is integrated with adult awareness and understanding. If further work is needed to heal the memory, appropriate visualisation will be suggested to the client, so they can be positively reinforced by the memories.


How does Hypnotherapy Work?

After a discussion that will last around 30 minutes, the client is then invited to make themselves comfortable on the couch. Gentle music is played in the background and then the session.


I will then take the client into a deeply a relaxed state, using progressive relaxation and deepening methods. One of my favourite methods, known as the induction method, involves progressively relaxing the client and gently focusing inwards on warm, calming sensations, limb by limb, starting at the top of the head and working down to the feet. This gives a very pleasant first impression of hypnosis and is a technique that clients can also use at home to reduce stress levels and help them sleep.


This technique will last approximately 20 minutes at which by the end of it, the client will be in a deeply relaxed state.


From here I may use a deepener which takes them further down into relaxation. For example, I may describe a beautiful place in nature, a place they have been to before, or somewhere completely imaginary. At this point, the client will be focusing on their internal thoughts and visual processes, as well as picking up any sounds they may here or feelings that are evoked. This will be a very relaxing experience for the client who can become receptive to positive suggestions for change in their life.


By taking their focus inwards, the client’s thoughts slow down and they experience increasing pleasant feelings of warmth, calm and relaxation. The client will then be taken on a guided journey, where stories and metaphors are used to reframe their experience and train the brain to respond in a more helpful way.

Positive suggestions are made at this point to install new thinking, feelings and behaviours. For example, “I am successful!” or “I can do this!” Ways of positive thinking can help the client to see a negative situation, emotion or feeling in a more positive light.


1. Hypnotic rehearsal can also be used to practice new behaviours or confidence in specific situations which can be embedded deeply into the subconscious mind.

2. We may for example, do some exploratory work by going back in time, or even travelling into the future and meeting a wise advisor for advice on your current situation.

3. I may ask you to visualise how you would like your life to be.

4. We may destroy a fear by putting it into a balloon and letting it float away. Or box up problems which we can deal with when you feel ready.

5. We may dissolve anger and other suppressed emotions with coloured light.

6. Positive suggestions are given throughout to install new thought patterns and behaviours.

The above are just examples, and many different techniques are used during the sessions, depending on the client's needs. Once the therapeutic work has been completed, the client is counted up out of the light trance state. The client will 'wake up' feeling positive, optimistic and relaxed. There will be some time for the client to come back fully to everyday awareness before they leave to drive home.


The treatment is completely safe, comfortable and you will always remain in control. The subconscious mind has built in protection mechanisms. It will only accept statements that are for your highest good. You will leave the session feeling wide awake, alert, focused and relaxed.

What does Being in a Trance Feel Like?

Being in a light trance feels like that time when you are lying in bed at night, not quite awake and not quite asleep. It is a daydreamy state, where you are focused on your internal thoughts rather than your external surroundings. Below are some examples of different states of consciousness – from fully awake through to sleep.


Fully alert: You are taking an exam

Light trance: You are daydreaming about taking an exam

Moderate trance: You are fully imagining yourself taking an exam

Deep trance: You can feel yourself taking an exam

Sleep: You are dreaming about yourself taking an exam.


Some clients do actually fall asleep during a session. This doesn’t matter – the subconscious mind is still alert and receptive to the therapeutic suggestions and the changes will still be as effective.


What Is Hypnotherapy Used to Treat?

Hypnotherapy is more commonly used to treat phobias, addiction problems, relationships, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief and loss, weight loss and smoking.

In general, hypnotherapy is used to treat those who need help easing specific physical, mental, emotional, behavioural and psychological symptoms to help you to live a happy and productive life.

Contact me now to book a free 30-minute introductory appointment to talk though your current challenges and decide if this treatment is right for you.