Reiki drumming is an ancient, powerful healing technique that is used to create a state of deep relaxation. The drumbeat is one of the oldest and most sacred sounds there is, and when combined with Reiki, which is programmed into the drum, it helps clients find answers to current challenges or problems and remove blocks in the chakras facilitating stronger energy flow and a feeling of peace and wellbeing.

A session of Reiki drumming offers a powerful way to tap into your creativity, boost your immune system and gently release stress and tension. You will leave the session feeling calm and tranquil as well as recharged with clarity and motivation to move forwards in your life.

I currently offer Reiki drumming sessions from my studio just outside Ipswich and also remotely via Zoom or Skype.

What is involved in a Reiki Drumming session?

There are three main types of Reiki drumming sessions that I use with clients including Reiki drum journeys, clearing blocks in your chakra system and reprogramming out of date beliefs. Each session will be tailored to suit your requirements at the time and may use one, two or all three of these techniques.

Reiki Drum Journeys

A Reiki drum journey will help you gain clarity on the answer to an important question or decision about a life change. By going into a deeply relaxed state, with the aid of the drum beat, your conscious mind takes a back seat and you gain access to the creative, intuitive deeper part of your mind. This part of your mind often talks to you via images, colours or sensations - and surprising insights can be gained to help you find the best route forwards for you at the present time. Sometimes people like to journey on two different paths ahead of them to decide which one to take. Or if a person wants to find a new direction in life - but does not know where to start, just observing the images that present themselves, whilst in this trance like state, can help provide clues that can be explored further through journaling or personal art practice. It is really helpful for clients to continue working with the guidance received during a session, through some form of art or craft when they get home as this further helps to unpack and solidify the guidance given. Reiki drumming journeys are great for creative types, who want to access their subconscious as a source of inspiration!

Reiki Drumming Chakra Healing

This technique is similar to a normal Reiki healing session, the only difference is that the drum beat helps deepen the level of relaxation experienced. The client is asked to visualise or imagine a white light starting at the crown (top) of the head, and allow it to flow down until they notice a block. I ask the client to describe the block - in terms of colour, shape, size, smell, sound, texture and how they feel about it. Then following the treatment, I ask them again how the 'block' feels now. It has nearly always changed form / dissolved / released - and other imagery or insights may have presented themselves, which can then be explored further. Clients will experience the energy shifts this technique provides in different ways, and may notice the effects continuing after the session has ended.

Belief Reprogramming

A third way Reiki drumming can assist people in their healing journey is to transform negative beliefs. This is often done in combination with the journeying or chakra healing - to consolidate the progress made. The beliefs we hold in our mind are like flowers in a garden. Negative beliefs are like weeds we want to pull out. Then, in their place, we can plant beautiful new positive beliefs that support us in creating the life we want. Following a discussion of where a client is currently stuck, a negative belief can be identified and then a new self-supporting belief can be programmed into the client's mind through powerful affirmation drumming.

After all Reiki drumming treatments, clients will leave feeling positive, relaxed and balanced and you will notice an improvement after just one session.

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